Sept 29th to Oct 2nd 2022
LYON, France


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The contemporary art fair for naturalist artists


The ADN art fair was born from the desire to unite artists who draw their inspiration from contact with nature. Selected on file, all the artists exhibited are anchored in a qualitative aesthetic research, truly and respectful of nature.


In order to create a transversality by forming a loop between the artist and his source of inspiration, the ADN exhibition is committed to supporting each artist in choosing an association for the preservation of nature.



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- Adrien Blanc-Guillon

- Anagruz

- Annabelle Averty

- Anne Hervy

- Armelle Devraigne

- Aude Gourichon

- Elian Lacroix

- Emilie Bredel

- Férial

- Franck Bilger

- Françoise Dagorn

- Gabi Wagner (Allemagne)

- Gretel

- Helen Margaret Giovanello (Italie)

- Hélène Lacquement

- Jean-Paul Mestres

- Kootchi

- Léa Layeux

- Léo Pacquelet

- MagLM

- Malo A

- Marcèle panthère

- Marianne Faure-Desforges

- Mélissa Follet

- Olivia Tregaut

- Pierre Victorien Compagnon

- Romain Charrier

- Sandra Veillette (Canada)

- Sophie Guerlais

- Sophie Rouliot

- Virginie Micheleau

- Zazu

A committee of excellence

Art and Nature


The jury members of the ADN art fair are equally well-known personalities from the world of art and nature conservation.


For the 2022 edition, we will have the joy of welcoming:


Florian Kirchner, "Species" officer of the French IUCN Committee

Dominique de Villebonne, deputy director at ONF

Julien Orain, director of Biocoop Sillon Bio, founder of the Amazonia association and practitioner in Agroforestry

Mario Côté, painter, video maker and member of the Hexagram Centre for Research in Media Arts/UQAM

Alexandre Guerre, video maker and visual artist

Cécile Zicot, deputy director of Musée François Pompom

Sandrine Drahonnet, collector


Exhibition curator : Marie Cappuccia, founder of the ADN art fair and director of the Artémis agency


Le Palais Bondy

18 quai de Bondy


(City center)




From 09/29/22 to 10/02/22

Thursday 29th : Opening by invitation from 6:30pm to 9pm

Friday 30th  : 10am to 6 pm


Saturday 1st: 10am to 6pm


Sunday 2nd : 10am to 5 pm



Métro : Hôtel de Ville ou Vieux Lyon

Bus : Arrêts Gare St Paul

Vélos : Station Vélo'v 5009

Parking à 20m

Accès PMR

The artworks for sale are offered at studio price

For any purchase, please contact the manager present on site. You can contact us outside opening hours by email or phone.


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